Local remedy wins award – Engineering News 2013/05/24

Engineering News

The South African-produced moodenhancing, anxiety-reducing and cognitive function enhancing plant extract, Zembrin, received the 2013 Most Sustainable Ingredient Award in March at the Engredea show, in Anaheim, California. The patented product is a standardised extract of a cultivated selection of the Namaqualand plant Sceletium tortuosum. It has been used by the indigenous San huntergatherers and Khoi Khoi pastoralists for medicinal, social and spiritual purposes for hundreds of years. “Zembrin has been researched and developed for more than a decade and is being marketed in South Africa and the US as a safe, over-the-counter remedy for healthy people to enhance mood and reduce anxiety and stress,” says botanist, ethnopharmacologist and Zembrin cofounder Dr Nigel Gericke. He explains that the extract has … Continue reading

Intiem – 1 June 2013 Zembrin / Elev8 Verlig jou gemoed


VERLIG JOU GEMOED Die medisinale plant wat die basis van die Zembrin-ekstrak in eIev8TM vorm, is tradisioneel gebruik vir die verbetering van gemoedstoestande, die vermindering van stres, om ‘n gevoel van kalmte te bevorder en om spanning en prikkelbaarheid te verminder; alles uitgelok deur ‘n hoe werklading, vinnige lewenstempo, sekere sosiale omstandighede en emosionele stremming. Beskikbaar by apteke landwyd. … Continue reading

Elev8tm helps with daily stress and low mood

Natural Medicine – 1 June 2013 elev8TM tablets represent a new generation of validated natural herbal medicine that has been researched in collaboration with an international team of scientists and clinicians, according to global practice. Zembrin®, the active extract in elevarm tablets, is one of the most thoroughly studied standardised medicinal plant extracts on the international market. elev8TM tablets assist in reducing stress levels, elevating mood and reducing feelings of anxiety for all people at all stages of life. Users have reported a feeling of ‘calm focus’, ‘alert serenity’ and ‘relaxation without drowsiness’. elev8TM tablets act rapidly. Positive effects are typically experienced between days one to two of consumption. Once a day dosing allows for seamless incorporation into your daily … Continue reading

Stress Doctors, Finweek, May 2013

Nigel Gericke and Deon Hofmeyer

Two SA professionals who otherwise work in completely different fields, a medical doctor and a horticulturist, have worked together for over a decade to come up with an answer to help deal with our stressful lives. Nigel Gericke, the medical doctor, and Deon Hofmeyr, the horticulturist, started working together in 1996. Hofmeyr, then a director of The Office Plant and Lifestyle Nurseries, was looking for opportunities arising from the medicinal use of plants. Gericke had previously been extensively involved in ethnobotanical field research on the indigenous uses of plants in the Namaqualand area. Three years later the two invested in extensive studies on Sceletium, a plant that had been used for generations by the San communities of Namaqualand for general … Continue reading

Zembrin selected for Top 10 Stress Busting Ingredients

Shawn M. Talbott, Ph.D. reveals his Top 10 ingredients to bust stress. “Who among us is not affected to some degree by periods of stress and anxiety? For virtually everybody, modern lifestyles create a fair amount of tension, irritability, worry and frustration, which can lead to feelings of chronic anxiety and depression. According to a recent article in the Archives of General Psychiatry, antidepressant drugs are the most commonly prescribed class of medications in the United States. More than 10 percent of the American population is taking one or more antidepressant drugs, which represents 27 million individuals taking more than 120 million prescriptions and spending over $80 billion per year. Another recent study in the Psychiatric Services Journal shows that … Continue reading