Farmlink – Rise of health- conscious consumer part 1

At the start of every year, we enter the prediction season and just about everybody who has a voice in the global food and beverage industry, has had his or her say on what can be expected for this industry. Although the food and beverage industry is unpredictable as ever,Farmlink selected from amongst these predictions what we regard as the top seven food and beverage trends for 2013. The first and probably main trend (which comes as no surprise) is naturalness — the theme for 2013 seems to be natural and healthy, as most of the other trends can be traced back to the core motivation of health-consciousness based on naturalness. Natural The dominating natural trend of 2012 will continue … Continue reading

Succeed 1 July 2013

succeed magazine article on Zembrin

The manufacturer had the following to say about Elev8: There is a new mood enhancing tablet on the market. This new pill is highly effective in reducing stress, aiding concentration and keeping your business-mind sharp. It contains Zembrin, harvested from a plant that has a history with the San people and it is worth a discussion with your doctor if you need stress relief. Elev8 tablets are available in packs of 10’s (R39,95) and 30’s (R109,95). Available from most pharmacies nationwide. We advise you to consult your doctor before taking any medication