Stress Doctors, Finweek, May 2013

Nigel Gericke and Deon Hofmeyer

Two SA professionals who otherwise work in completely different fields, a medical doctor and a horticulturist, have worked together for over a decade to come up with an answer to help deal with our stressful lives. Nigel Gericke, the medical doctor, and Deon Hofmeyr, the horticulturist, started working together in 1996. Hofmeyr, then a director of The Office Plant and Lifestyle Nurseries, was looking for opportunities arising from the medicinal use of plants. Gericke had previously been extensively involved in ethnobotanical field research on the indigenous uses of plants in the Namaqualand area. Three years later the two invested in extensive studies on Sceletium, a plant that had been used for generations by the San communities of Namaqualand for general … Continue reading